Junior Jedi Knights 6 - Kenobi's Blade

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Junior Jedi Knights 6 – Kenobi's Blade

Anakin Solo is now eleven – and headed for the Jedi academy!
The Force is very strong with him – he can feel it.
And his uncle Luke thinks it is time for him to start his training...

Kenobi's Blade

Uldir, Anakin's classmate at the Jedi academy, wants to be a Jedi morethan anything. But he can't even lift a feather with the Force. He thinks he knows how he can learn faster: the Holocron.

The Holocron is a cube that holds all the secrets of the ancient Jedi Masters. By "borrowing" it, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber, Uldir believes he will become a powerful Jedi Knight !

Now Anakin – along with Tahiri, R2-D2, Tionne and the Jedi Master Ikrit – must race across the galaxy to find Uldir. If they don't, Uldir could be killed. And Kenobi's blade and the Holocron will fall into the hands of a very evil man...

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